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From What’s The Deal? to Caffeine: The Evolution of a Young Artist

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From What’s The Deal? to Caffeine: The Evolution of a Young Artist

From What’s The Deal? to Caffeine: The Evolution of a Young Artist

By: Dartwriter101

With a distinguished voice, complete grasp of the rhythm, and eyes that speak, Justin Don has religiously put out music that has slowly amassed a young and loyal audience for his music. With his latest songs, What’s the Deal and Caffeine, Justin presents a combination of many styles of music from hip-hop to folk to R&B to pop. And he does it in style.

More importantly, the stark difference in these two songs marks the evolution of an artist, who is gearing up to create more mature and accessible music to reach a wider audience. So, how did he fare?

What’s the Deal?

What’s the Deal has been created by Justin Don in collaboration with Big Juicy. Released in May of 2020, the song was well-received by his fans. Once you listen to the song, you will observe an interesting characteristic of the song. Its promiscuous lyrics celebrate the purest of emotions – love. The song is a declaration of the artist’s love for someone, he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

In the song, Justin talks about the girl of his dreams who is now real. A girl he cannot have enough of. A girl he wishes to spend the rest of his life with. A girl who was once his, and who he has now lost. And this is the girl he is trying to win back at any cost.

As he speaks through the lyrics, both may have committed mistakes, but their love is too real, too strong, and too good to just move on. He needs her back. He knows that this is the kind of love and the kind of girl he wants, and he is ready to do anything for her. The aggressiveness of the song is perfectly balanced by the love he is trying to convey to his dream girl.

Big Juicy’s attitude and rap add an interesting dimension to the song. But, the boat is still being steered around by the Michigan boy. The video has been masterfully crafted to make you feel you are part of the gang. The youthful energy, the electricity of young love, the colorful vibe, and the amateurish feel keep the video as real as it gets.


Justin writes from the heart. But, as he grows as a human being and an artist, you can see an understated but good change in his music too. Caffeine stands testament to it. In fact, this is Justin’s clean song. No expletives! Justin can see his audience growing, and he wants his music to reach all corners. So, he is trying to shed any and every limitation that may hold him from reaching his next fan.

Caffeine is a song from the heart filled with raw emotion that you can feel as you listen to it. Fair warning – you will hear it more than once. In true Justin style, the groovy track gets to you and surprises you with its simple but heartfelt lyrics.

We all know the sweet caffeine high. He uses that basic and universal feeling to tell you how he feels about the girl he loves. “Yeah baby I’m a caffeine fiend. Buzzed off you I’m feeling anxious” are akin to sweet nothings we say to that special someone in our life.

Every note of the song and every frame of the video wants you to feel the warmth of love. The ocean, the sunshine, the vibrant forest greens, and everything add to the liveliness of the video. Just like caffeine shakes you up and makes you lively, so does this song.

The video’s particularly endearing quality is that it is not trying to be too perfect, like showing Justin falling from the board while filming. This is the brilliance of the video that makes it more likable.

Taking the Leap…

What’s the Deal and Caffeine are clearly on two ends of the spectrum when it comes to the song vibes. They are channeling completely different personalities. But, the common thread that runs through both songs is love.

Justin has taken a leap of faith with Caffeine, and his audience has taken a liking to this new version of Justin. It would be too early to say if he has transformed as an artist and changed how he writes and shoots songs. But, it is evident that there are takers for both his voyeuristic and bold songs as well as subdued and warm love songs.

It would not be wrong to say that as long as Justin has a handle on keeping his songs honest, true to the emotion, and real for his audience, they are going to tap their feet to it.

It’ll be interesting and exciting to see what the artist releases next.

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